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  • Why Now? ...Why Karatbars?


    "Imagine a Crypto Coin that is back by Gold"


    Are you going to be on the right side of history?


    In 2007-2008 the financial world was rocked by the collapse of mortgage markets...companies failed, jobs were lost, and the biggest bailout in the United State's history was carried out.


    A Potential Crisis...


    Today, we are faced with the potential of a similar crisis.


    Like the 2007-2008 crisis, such a global event, will be the biggest single transfer of wealth, to happen in all of history.


    There is Hope...


    And that is why I am here, give my video a watch and learn why I chosen to be here...


    - Why I've chose gold?

    - Why I've chose crypto coins?

    - Why I've chose Karatbars?


  • Pennies to Gold

    Harald Seiz – Founder & Visionary



  • The Promiseof Gold

    Gold Backed Cryptocurrency!

    "Everyone has the right to be free" - Harold Seiz

    Today you have an incredible opportunity to own a revolutionary and unique cryptocurrency coin that’s backed by pure, physical, gold bullion!

    A Promise Made, A Promise Kept...

    It’s so unique that the CEO of Karatbars – Mr Harald Seiz himself – guaranteed and has followed through with the promise that the underlying value of every single coin on 4th July, 2019 was backed by gold.


    If you are new to Karatbars, it is important to know that Harold Seiz has fulfilled every promise he has made to date - and this is just the beginning.

  • Why Crypto?

    The launch of the KaratGold Coin was one of the most successful in crypto history!

    Billion Dollar Eco-System

    This success has lead to the creation of a Billion Dollar eco-system, with the infrastructure being rolled out as you read this.


    The business plan, the management, the technology, the expertise and all the other key elements we need for a brand new, gold-backed banking and payment system are right there – ready and waiting, just for you!


    This is the most exciting, far ranging and well developed project that the crypto (no – the whole wide) world has ever seen!

    Protect Yourself Against Economic Crisis

    Why Gold, Why Crypto, Why Now?


    A chance for you to take back control, a chance for you to build real and lasting wealth.


    "What Was Once A Rich Man's Game Is Now Open To Everyone".


    Join Danny Greene as he hosts co-bestselling author and Gold Elite Director, Shemin Lakhani!


    Shemin will be sharing her story of how her pension fund was wiped out following the 2008 crash.


    This experience was to begin a journey which no longer relied on a bank, a boss or the government for financial wealth & stability.


    Shemin is heart-centred & committed to sharing her knowledge & experience, so others never need lose their homes or pension funds during an economic collapse.

  • What kind of business is Karatbars?

    Here is Karatbars official statement:

    Karatbars International is an e-commerce company. However, like many online businesses around the world, we offer a free affiliate program and an additional optional paid affiliate program. Karatbars is NOT an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Company.


    The difference is clear: Our customers and affiliates are not subject to any monthly purchase obligations and we do not charge any fees for the customer of affiliate account. You can recommend an online gold savings plan to others and earn commissions for those referrals, regardless of whether you buy our products.

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